Among other things, OnLine Translation offers professional translation between more than fifty languages. Our concept is based on a global network of translators.

Our philosophy

A translation from OnLine Translation comprises more than just the linguistic service. We always take the complex basis of your immediate language requirement as our starting point and supply integrated solutions that convey your message in the best possible way to the desired target group in terms of content and efficiency. The linguistic and cultural characteristics of the target group are key factors in any translation. In addition, we take account of the communication situation, as well as the format and quality of the text, in conjunction with your requirements in relation to file format and terminology.

Our wide network of competent translators covers every kind of specialist language. Whether your translation assignment is within the field of

  • technology
  • marketing
  • law
  • economics/finance
  • software documentation

or a combination of these, we will always be able to offer you targeted assistance. On the basis of the subject area of your text, we carefully choose the most competent team for the job.

Certified translations

OnLine Translation has a network of translators who can produce certified translations for situations where your translated document must be valid in law. This is, for instance, commonly the case with transcripts from the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency, birth certificates, marriage certificates, wills and documents for use in legal proceedings.

A certified translation is always produced between Danish and the foreign language in question, for which the translator has authorisation from the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency.

In addition, legalisation of the translator's signature may be required for a certified translation to be valid in law outside Denmark. This legalisation, which is a confirmation of the translator's appointment, can be issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

In addition to providing the translation, we offer to handle all correspondence with relevant local authorities.

If you have any questions regarding the certification and/or legalisation of translations, you are welcome to contact us. We are happy to offer advice or look into the matter for you.


If you have customers across national borders, it is important that your translations of all communication, documentation, etc. are adapted to the local culture to ensure that the message of the text is correctly transmitted.

Localisation means adaptation to local conditions – be it a local area, a market or a global language.

OnLine Translation has at its disposal an international network of professional translators with the local language as their native language. Their knowledge about local conditions is worth gold to our customers.

Depending on the language combination, we select the translator with most experience in relation to your specific product and the ability to process the text with "local eyes".


If your text is to be translated into several languages, producing an English base text for subsequent translation to the target languages may be preferable. At OnLine Translation, we are happy to produce such a text based on your source text in your preferred language.

The process of adapting a text to multilingual translation is known as internationalisation. The purpose of internationalisation of both language and content is to clear the text of any phrases which are common or standard in the source language, but which are culturally sensitive so that they, if translated directly, may appear misleading, offensive or downright unintelligible.